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Dreams in the TARDIS

A place where I feel safe...

Hiya x!!
No, hold on. I'm rubbish at writing this stuff, so I'll keep it short! Hehe!

- At the moment I study Japanese. Japanese people are totally insane... that's why I like them (^.^)V
- People say I'm weird and bonkers. Can't say they're wrong!
- Cosplayer ♥
- I'm a fangirl... AbsoluteDTFangirl, Hiddlestoner, Whovian, Lokian, geek, ... and so on I suppose.
- I ship loads of fandoms...
- Call me an Anglophile. I left my heart and soul in the UK ♥
- Yeah I believe in aliens, deal with it.
- I live in my own world, yet I love people... well, depends on what kind of people O:)
- I can be sweet and honest, unless... ah well, you know what I mean!
- Can't come up with other stuff!! Just ask if you like ^^