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Arigatou for visiting my profile!

 A lot has changed since I last visited my profile, to be honest! To keep it short: Japan and these two boys <3
Hamao Kyousuke (left) and Watanabe Daisuke (right) were my introduction to Yaoi, Japanese culture, kindness, new friends and so on.
I finally made my own Fanfiction account where I post my fanfics too. I'm also busy writing my first Takumi-kun fanfic *kyaaaaa*

So what can you find on here? Doctor Who and Japan, basically!

- Doctor Who fanfic: Shooting Stars
- Doctor Who fanfic: Closer
- Doctor Who fanfic: May I have this Dance?
- Takumi-kun fanfic: It's called Fate - Prologue - Chapter 1 - Chapter 2

Fic: May I have this dance?

Author: night_n_sky
Title: May I have this dance?
Beta: [info]willow_10
Characters: Ten/Rose
Rating: Fluff, romance
Word Count: 3.070
Summary: The Doctor takes Rose to a masked ball. The Doctor wants to give her all his attention, but what if he's not the only one? ... Oh yes, a possessive and jealous Doctor!
Disclaimer: I don't own the Doctor or Rose or any other Doctor Who character. They're just sitting here in my mind, telling me stories.
Author's Note: Inspiration came from the cute Giselle and Robert dance scene in 'Enchanted'. The song Rose and the Doctor dance on is 'So Close' by Jon McLaughlin. Please leave me a review here or on my fanfiction.net story!

To give you an idea of Rose's and the Doctor's outfit:

Rose smiled and looked in the mirror, admiring the ball gown the Doctor had given her. It was a red, sleeveless and floor-length gown, decorated with embroidery and small diamonds. He hadn’t told her what the dress was for, but she assumed they were attending some sort of fancy ball. She spun around and nodded. Perfect. She put on her silver high heels and walked towards the console room.

She found the Doctor looking at the computer screen, using it as a mirror to adjust his white bow tie. He was wearing a black tailcoat, a white shirt with a wing collar, a white waistcoat, black trousers and black patent shoes.

“Ah, there you are!” The Doctor turned around, smiling. His smile faded away as he took in Rose’s beauty. Rose saw how his eyes scanned her and her outfit and she blushed. Before his eyes could meet hers, she slowly spun around.

“What do you think?” She asked and quickly stared at the ground. She heard the Doctor’s footsteps on the grating as he walked over to her. He gently hooked two fingers under her chin, urging her to look into his eyes.

“I think… I have a good taste for dresses!” he paused and a huge grin appeared on his face, though his deep brown eyes were soft “You look lovely.”

Rose couldn’t help it and blushed even more “Thanks… you too.”

The Doctor returned to the console and gave in the coordinates and pressed some buttons. The glass column in the middle began to move and Rose could hear how the TARDIS forced her way through the time vortex. Trying to look confident, Rose folded her arms and looked at him.

“I’m not used to seeing you wear such outfits, sooooo… where are we going then? I already figured out we’re attending a ball, but there’s something more, no?”

The Doctor stopped and looked up at her, clearly amused. He folded his arms as well “You’ve missed a clue.” He nudged his head at the jump seat and Rose turned her gaze towards it. She gasped. There, on the jump seat, were lying two beautiful masks. A red and a black one.

“Masks? We’re going to a masked ball?!” Rose asked, completely taken by surprise.

“Is that okay? I mean, if you don’t like that we can still…”

“Don’t like that? Are you kidding me? I LOVE IT!” Rose said, almost bouncing up and down with excitement. She took the red mask which was clearly hers and rubbed her fingers over the material. The mask was decorated with glitter curls and swirls, going all the way around the eyeholes. On top of the mask an orris was made, completed with a red diamond.

“Let me help.” The Doctor took her mask and turned her around. He carefully put on her mask and tied up the strings at the back of her head. Rose shivered a bit as his warm hands brushed the nape of her neck.

“There. Now, let me take a look at you.” Rose turned around and met his gaze again. He placed his hand on the part of her cheek that was exposed and she practically melted inside “Perfect.”

Wanting to return the gesture, Rose took the black mask and urged him to turn around. Thanks to her high heels, she was able to put on his mask and to tie up the strings. He chuckled as she traced her fingers over the decorative glitter curls, ending with the white diamond on the top his mask. She could feel his warm breath on her wrist and hoped her mask hid her blush.

A few buttons and lights on the console started to bleep. The Doctor focused on the console again and quickly pulled a leaver. Seconds after that, the glass column stopped and they heard a soft thump.

“Where are we?"

The Doctor held out his arm and they linked arms “You’ll see. Shall we?” He winked at her and they both stepped outside the TARDIS.


Outside,  the night air was damp, but pleasantly warm. The TARDIS had landed on a huge lawn next to a fountain. Rose looked around and saw box trees, rose bushes and even a maze. She assumed this was the garden of the beautiful mansion she could see in front of her. The mansion was illuminated by large candle stands and people in fancy dresses and masks arrived in carriages. The scene reminded her of Pemberly Hall, home of Mr. and Mrs. Darcy. Actually, the Doctor reminded her of Mr. Darcy in a way and she giggled at the thought. The Doctor looked at her.

“Do you like it?” He smiled, his face dimly lit by the full moon.

“It’s beautiful! But please tell me, where are we? Is this earth in the 19th century?”

The Doctor chuckled and rolled his eyes “Close, but once again, you missed a clue.” He nudged his head at the grass and Rose looked at him, puzzled. He plucked some blades of grass and held them in front of her. Rose could smell the sweet scent of apple.

“Apple grass! New Earth! But, hold on... 19th century New Earth? How’s that possible?”

“This might look like a 19th century bal and if I might say so, 19th century balls were the best, especially the masked ones, but this is just an old fashioned, fancy masked ball. It’s not because people live in the year 5 billion they forgot how to hold one.” He sighed  “Look at you lot back on earth, all disco and partying until the wee hours of the night. Anyway, we’re not far from New New York.”

Rose laughed and slapped his arm “Oi! I don’t go to such parties and certainly not to a disco!” They linked arms again “Come on or we’ll miss the ball!”


The Doctor squeezed Rose’s hand as she gasped. They’d just entered the enormous ballroom and Rose was completely gob smacked. The ballroom, almost completely made out of marble, consisted of the main dance floor, a balcony at the end of the room on which the small orchestra was playing music and several other balconies on which people were drinking and watching the dancing crowd below them. The whole room was lit by a huge diamond chandelier, the flames of its candles reflected by the diamonds. The marble columns of the room were decorated with white roses and cloth. By the sides of the room small tables were arranged, set with food and punch bowls.  The Doctor smiled as he saw Rose’s reaction. He leaned closer, his lips almost touching her ear.

“I thought you would like this.”

He was surprised when Rose wrapped her arms around his neck and kissed his cheek, almost squeeing of happiness. “It’s beautiful! Thank you!”

The Doctor smiled back at her, clearly happy with the fact she loved his surprise. “Wait here. I’m going to get us some punch.” Rose nodded and watched as he went to one of the crowded tables.

Rose was further inspecting the room when she suddenly felt a hand on her shoulder. She turned around with a huge grin on her face, thinking it was the Doctor.

“Well, well, well. What is a beautiful, young lady like you doing here all alone?” The mysterious man asked with a flirting smile. The man had long, black hair and his skin was slightly blue. His nose was flat and his ears elf-like. Rose could see through his white mask his eyes were bright yellow. He reminded her of those Avatar aliens and her smile faded away.

“I’m sorry, but I’m not…” Rose tried to protest, but the man hushed her by pressing a single finger to her lips.

“Shhhh, no no, I don’t accept excuses. You àre beautiful and you are mìne tonight.”


The Doctor tried to reach for the punch bowl, pushing his way through the crowd gathered around the tables. “Yes, excuse me. Doctor coming through!” He accidently pushed a bit too hard, causing a lady, completely dressed in black, to spill her drink on her expensive ball gown. She squeaked and gave him an angry look. “Oh I’m sorry, I’m so sorry!” The Doctor gave her a napkin and quickly continued forcing his way through the crowd.

He finally managed to get 2 small glasses. He was just about to take a bit of punch when he glanced back at Rose and noticed she wasn’t on the spot he’d left her. He put the 2 glasses down and scanned the room for as far as he could see. His face turned numb when he spotted Rose… talking to another man. A blue man. The Doctor tried to recognize the species and froze as the name resounded in his mind: the Cloaxies. An alien species that lives on a planet called Cloaximonia. A single Cloaxi female or male is always seeking out a partner to mate, despite the partner’s species. Natural mating process of course, the Doctor thought, but not with his Rose.

As he saw how the Cloaxi pressed his finger against Rose’s lips, he suddenly felt angry inside and clenched his fist. He shouldn’t had left Rose on her own, surrounded by aliens and half-humans. She belonged to him and now someone else was claiming her. He couldn’t let that happen. Without saying sorry this time, he pushed his way through the crowd, making even more people squeak as they spilled their drinks. As he made his way through the crowd, he realized something: he was jealous… and liked the feeling.


Rose didn’t know what to say as the blue man moved his finger from her lips to her cheek, caressing the soft, exposed skin. She just couldn’t move and began to feel more and more uncomfortable. She suddenly gasped when she felt two strong arms around her waist, pulling her close. Rose looked up in surprise and was relieved it was the Doctor… until she saw his eyes. His eyes were dark and filled with anger, warning the man in front of him. She couldn’t see the Doctor’s face, but his jaws were clearly clenched together and Rose thought for a second he was about to growl. The blue man just stood there, his hand that had caressed Rose’s cheek still in mid-air.

“Next time you choose your partner, make sure that partner is unattached.” He spit out while he took Rose’s hand. Rose felt how he squeezed her hand gently, but she knew he had difficulty restraining himself.

The man simply cleared his throat and excused himself “I’m so sorry, sir. Please accept my apologies, but may I ask: what species is your wife?”

Rose was about the protest, saying they’re not married, but the Doctor was ahead of her “Human.” And with that, the Doctor linked arms with Rose and turned around, leaving the Cloaxi alone.

From the moment they were out of sight, he spun her around and nudged her against one of the marble columns. A few people nearby stopped talking and looked at them, but right now, the Doctor didn’t care.

Rose gasped in surprise “Doctor, what’s…”

“Rose, are you all right? Did he do something to you? Did he give you something?” He asked as he took Rose’s face between his hands and examined her.

Rose saw the concern in his eyes and wondered why. She placed her hands over his in an attempt to calm him down “Doctor, I’m all right. Why are you behaving like this? I’m really fine! It was just a blue man trying to flirt with me. He didn’t do anything to me.” Then something occurred to her and she smiled playfully “Are you jealous, Doctor?”

The Doctor pulled his hands away. He didn’t laugh though “That blue man was a Cloaxi, Rose.” He said seriously.

“Ooooowkay, no Avatar then.”

“Single Cloaxi females and males only think of one thing: breeding. Rose, he wanted to mate with you!”

Rose widened her eyes “He wanted to mate?” She thought about it for a second before bursting out in laughter.

“What?” The Doctor couldn’t believe this “Rose, stop laughing. It’s not funny!” He spit out as she continued laughing.

“Seriously, breeding? You’re kidding me? Oh yes, this is funny! Doctor, come on, I can surely take care of myself. I would never let that happen!” Rose was almost out of breath because of all the laughing and eventually stopped.

“It’s my fault. I shouldn’t have let you all alone.”

Rose surprised him by wrapping her arms around his neck and pulling him into a firm hug “Hey, it’s all right. You don’t have to worry about me all the time. Like I said, I would never let that happen. I didn’t even know him! Besides… I belong to you.” She felt him relax against her body and she smiled when he wrapped his arms around her waist.

“Thanks.” He whispered.

The orchestra earned warm applause from the dancing crowd when the song came to an end. The orchestra started to play the next song and the Doctor recognized the first notes. He chuckled in her hair “Well well, they’re playing our song.”

Rose looked up at him, confused “Our song? We don’t have a song.”

He let go of her waist and offered her his hand “Oh, we do now.” She gladly accepted his hand and he led her toward the dance floor. The Doctor took her left hand in his and stroked her hand with his thumb for a second. Even now, after all those years, Rose was still surprised their hands fitted so perfectly. He put his right arm around her waist and Rose forgot about all the other dancing couples. Right now, it was just her and the Doctor. They started to dance and she followed his steps, spinning and letting him lead her around, her eyes never leaving his. Rose practically melted inside. He’d just gone from jealous to romantic Doctor and Rose tried to hide her blush as she discovered she liked his change in mood.

The song started to build up and he pulled her closer. “Let’s go outside” He whispered in her ear. He kept on spinning her around as they passed the dancing couples until they were outside. None of the other dancing couples had decided to dance beneath the stars and the Doctor was glad they were alone. The back garden was dimly lit by several candle stands and Rose could hear another fountain nearby. The Doctor slowed down his spinning and pulled her closer again, almost hugging her so that she could rest her head in the crook of his neck. She sighed happily and felt how his hand stroked her back. He kissed the top of her hair and she suddenly giggled. The Doctor pulled back a bit and looked down in surprise.

“What? Something wrong with my moves?” He asked with a playful smile.

“You really were jealous.”

He raised his left eyebrow “No, I wasn’t.”

“Oh you totally were! I could see it in your eyes and the way you treated that Avatar!”


“Doesn’t matter.” Rose paused “But… why?”

The Doctor looked at her for a second before cocking his ears. In the background, the song was reaching its climax and the Doctor grinned “Ready?"

“Ready for what?”

“This.” Suddenly he started spinning her around again, this time faster, causing her to gasp. He kept looking into her eyes, loving the fact she was giggling and enjoying every second of their dance. He joined her in the giggling and lifted her from the ground for a couple seconds, making Rose cry in surprise and delight. At end of the song, he threw her backwards over his arm, earning another delighted cry from Rose.

They were both out of breath, but he held her there in his arm, his eyes becoming more intense and the giggling gone. He inched closer, his nose almost touching hers. With his other hand, he slowly pulled her mask upwards and let it rest on her hair. He stroked her cheek for a second and then started to pull his mask upwards as well. The feeling of butterflies in Rose’s stomach was becoming too much and she had to keep herself from launching forward and kissing him first. The Doctor inched even closer, their lips barely touching. Rose closed her eyes and felt how his lips briefly brushed her upper lip, but then he was gone. Afraid she’d done something wrong, Rose opened her eyes and saw the Doctor had pulled back a bit and was now staring at the tip of his nose. Right there, on his nose, a small water drop glistened in the candlelight. They both looked upwards and were greeted by a shower. The Doctor laughed and Rose almost squeaked as she was soaked after just a couple of seconds.

“Come on, let’s get inside!” She took his hand and they started to run.

After a couple of meters, the Doctor suddenly stopped  and pulled a surprised Rose into his arms “Oh my sweet Rose, this is why.” And then his lips claimed hers. Rose gasped against his lips, but immediately swung her arms around his neck and tangled her fingers in his now dripping hair. She simply forgot about the music, the pouring rain and everything around her. The Doctor held her close, not wanting to let go of her as he showed her just how much he loved her. He increased the intensity of the kiss and let one hand travel from her waist to her face to cup her cheek. Rose wished she could hold her lips against his forever, but the Doctor eventually pulled back and smiled.

“We should dance more often.”

Rose giggled and nodded in agreement. Before she could say something, his lips were on hers again. He gave her sweet, little kisses before moving to her ear and whispering “Oh Rose, if a kiss could tell how much I love you, my lips would be on yours forever.”

Rose let one of her hands rest on his cheek and brushed her thumb over his soft lips. She smiled teasingly “I’m not stopping you… Let’s get back to the TARDIS.”

The Doctor saw the larkishness in her eyes and took her hand “Run.”

And oh, they did run.


Fic: Closer

Author: night_n_sky
Title: Closer
Beta: willow_10
Characters: Ten/Rose
Rating: Fluff, romance
Word Count: 1.430
Summary: The Doctor gets closer and closer to telling Rose what he feels for her, but keeps on drawing back. But what if Rose took the first step?
Disclaimer: I don't own the Doctor or Rose or any other Doctor Who character. They're just sitting here in my mind, telling me stories.
Author's Note: My second fic about my favourite Doctor Who couple. Please let me know what you think and leave a review here or on my fanfiction.net story!


I have to tell her, but I can’t. It’s impossible.

The Doctor sat on the jump seat in the console room, lost in thought. The soft humming of the TARDIS was all he could hear as Rose was off to bed, probably in Dreamland already. He stood up and patted one of the TARDIS coral pillars.

I should tell her, shouldn’t I? But how? How will she react?

The Doctor sighed.

What do you think?

The TARDIS hummed in approval and the Doctor chuckled.

You girls are all the same! So dramatic and hopeless. Ah well.

The Doctor left the console room and went down the first corridor. He was just about to enter his bedroom when he heard soft mumbling coming from the other room. He peered through the crack of the door and saw Rose wriggling. The Doctor smiled.

Nothing’s wrong, she’s fine. Just going through a nightmare.


The Doctor looked up, afraid he’d woken up Rose. She was still asleep.

“Please, ple… don’t leave me. I can’t. I can’t!” Rose yelled while she tried to grab something in the air.

The Doctor entered her room on tip toes and knelt beside her. He took her hand and tried to calm her down.

“Rose, it’s all right, I’m here. I’m not going anywhere, not without you.” He whispered and kissed the back of her hand. The wriggling stopped and a little smile appeared on her face. He stroked the locks of hair out of her face and he sighed.

“I love you.” Rose giggled.

The Doctor’s head shot up and he stared at Rose. Her eyes were still closed and it seemed like her nightmare was over.

Did she just say that? Nah. She’s asleep. Humans often do that, talking in their sleep. She’s just saying stuff.

The Doctor pressed a kiss on Rose’s forehead and left her room.

Rose, still half asleep, entered the console room and found the Doctor running around and pressing buttons like mad as if he’d just woken from his hibernation.

Where did he get all that energy from?

“Morning sunshine!” The Doctor came over to her, still bouncing. He suddenly stopped as he noticed her pajamas. “Nice. Very… pink. Ish.”

“Oi! It’s not my favourite either, but don’t insult Hello Kitty!” Rose giggled and rubbed her eyes.

“Helloooo Kitty. Right. I’m not really a cat person, you know that.” Rose stuck out her tongue, but the Doctor suddenly turned serious. “How are you feeling?” He stepped closer and studied her face. Rose felt his warm, sweet breath on her skin and was overwhelmed by his sudden intimacy.

“I uhm… I feel fine, I suppose.” Rose stuttered. “Why? Is there something wrong?”

He looked at her for another second before he grinned. “Oh, no! Not at all! Just asking. It’s nothing.” He hesitated, but cupped her cheek and he shivered inside as he felt her warm skin against his hand. Rose blushed and looked away from his gaze.

“Oooowkaaay… I’m uhm… in the bathroom if you need me.” And she was gone.

See? She didn’t mean it last night. She probably said it to someone else in her dream.

Rose felt her muscles relax as the warm water streamed down her body. She closed her eyes and tried to feel his hand against her cheek again. His touch was so intimate and warm that it had almost burnt her. Rose sighed and turned down the water.

He’s being overprotective again. Nothing else. Don’t start imagining things.

She put on her clothes, a simple pair of jeans and a blue blouse, and went back to the console room.

The Doctor was leaning against the console and gave her a dazzling smile as he saw her. “If you go through those doors, you’ll find yourself in 6th century England,” he pointed at her outfit “but you’d better put on a coat. You know what the English weather is like.”

Rose ran to her closet, came back wearing a long, black coat and took his hand.

Rose’s laugh rang through the TARDIS and the Doctor quickly closed the door behind them.

“Blimey! I didn’t know King Arthur is that short-tempered! I wonder what we did wrong for him to send his archers after us!” Rose stopped giggling as she saw the Doctor’s expression. “Doctor?” He was staring at her back with a serious look. Rose tried to look at her hood. “Oh, an arrow!! Phew, that was close!” Rose laughed nervously, hoping the Doctor would start laughing as well. Instead he pulled the arrow out of her hood and threw it away angrily. He turned back to Rose and wrapped his arms around her, hugging her close to him.

I almost lost her again and it’s my fault. I have to tell her. I must, before it’s too late.

“D… Doctor?”

The Doctor sighed and took her face between his hands. He stared into her eyes and inched closer, his nose almost touching hers. Again, Rose felt his warm breath on her skin and she couldn’t quite register what was happening.

“Rose, I… I...”

I can’t.

“Actually, I’m hungry. You too? We need to get our strength back after all that running.” He smiled at her and let go of her cheeks. Before Rose could say something, he was off to the kitchen. Rose stood there for a couple of seconds, holding her hands against her cheeks. Her face saddened.

Don’t imagine things. Don’t.

“I’m really tired.” Rose yawned as she watched the fire burn brightly in the fireplace. They just had dinner and the Doctor had said he wanted to read a book, so they went to the library with the giant fireplace. One of Rose’s favourite rooms. Rose was lying on the soft, fluffy carpet while the Doctor was reading a Gallifreyan book in his chaise longue.

“Hmmm?” The Doctor didn’t look up from his book. All Rose could see was his hair peeping from above the book.

“I said I’m tired. Was a busy, but exciting day. Loved it.” She looked at the Doctor, hoping he would turn his attention to her. “Thank you.” He still didn’t look at her, as if he didn’t care and she sighed. She sat up, closed her eyes and listened to the crackling firewood instead. She tried to enjoy the warm glow of the fire on her skin.

Maybe he’s still angry because of that incident with the arrow? Ah, it doesn’t matter. I’m still alive. I’m still here, with him.

Rose suddenly gasped as she felt two strong arms wrapping around her waist and pulling her closer. The Doctor sat behind her on the carpet and rested his head on her shoulder. He sighed happily and smiled.

“You’re welcome.” He whispered in her ear.

Rose felt herself relax against his warm body, feeling safe in his embrace. He wasn’t angry.  She looked up at him, observing how the golden figures of the burning fire danced across his face. He looked down and met her eyes, fascinated by their sparkle.

I don’t care if he doesn’t feel the same. I can't deny this to my heart any longer. He must know it.

Rose laid her head in the crook of his neck, her lips almost kissing his soft skin.

“I love you.”

The Doctor’s head shot up and he looked down at her, clearly baffled. “You… you do?”

Rose blushed and smiled nervously. "I can't deny this to my heart any longer, Doctor. I understand if you’re angry with me now, but I don’t care. I want you to know that I love you and I intend to stay with you…” Rose couldn’t finish her sentence as he claimed her lips with his. She melted against him as his lips moved urgently against hers. He pulled her even closer and tangled his fingers in her hair. Rose smiled and wrapped her arms around his neck. The kiss grew even more passionate as she parted her lips and he took the opportunity to slip his tongue inside. Tongues danced together while the fire in the fireplace casted a glow upon them. Rose broke the kiss first, gasping for some air.

“Forever?” The Doctor asked, out of breath.

Rose smiled and stroked his cheek. “Forever.”

The Doctor laid down on the carpet and Rose settled her head in the crook of his neck. He stroked her hair and kissed her forehead. “I love you too.”

The firewood kept on crackling and the fire kept on burning as the two lovers lay in each other’s arms. Still, the fire of the fireplace was nothing compared to their fire of passion.


First fic ever: Shooting Stars

Author: night_n_sky
Title: Shooting Stars
Beta willow_10
Characters: Ten/Rose
Rating: Fluff, romance
Word Count: 796
Summary: The Doctor takes Rose to a magical planet for a bit of stargazing. Who would have thought that both their wishes would come true?
Disclaimer: I don't own the Doctor or Rose or any other Doctor Who character. They're just sitting here in my mind, telling me stories.
Author's Note: This is my first fic ever so please don't shoot me if it's rubbish! Please leave me a review here or on my fanfiction.net story!

Rose-rose-tyler-28593327-734-1089 (1)

“Where are we going?” Rose asked as she watched the Doctor jumping around the consoles with a huge grin.

The Doctor looked up at her. “It’s a surprise!”

Rose rolled her eyes and laughed. “Yes, I know you’re full of surprises, but you look more excited today.”

The Doctor stopped jumping as the TARDIS landed and he studied Rose’s face. His eyes softened. “I hope you’ll like it. Never been here before myself, but I’ve heard this is the perfect place for stargazing.” He walked over to her and took her hand, tangling his fingers into hers. Rose felt a sudden warm feeling rush through her body as he touched her. Why was he behaving so differently?

“Come on! Maybe we can spot some shooting stars!” His huge grin appeared on his face again and he almost ran out of the TARDIS, dragging an astonished Rose behind him.

As soon as they stepped outside into the night air, Rose was gob smacked. “This… this is beautiful!” The TARDIS had landed on an open field. White and blue alien flowers covered the purple grass and they could hear a slow-moving brooklet nearby. In the distance, mountains were visible. They shone as if they were covered in glitter. Rose looked up and saw millions of stars. Each and every star was clearly visible and shining brightly. Rose remembered the times when she looked up at the sky in London. Not many stars were visible due to the lights and pollution, but here… Rose suddenly sniffed and kneeled down. “Apple grass? We’re not on New Earth, are we?”

The Doctor chuckled and kneeled beside her “No, this planet is called the Purple Moon of the Forbidden Stars. I wonder why they call it ‘Forbidden Stars’? Stargazing isn’t forbidden. Weeeell, maybe on some planets. Weeeell, they don’t have stars so they can’t stargaze…” Rose gave him a back-to-the-point-look and he smiled “…but the name sounds so magical and romantic.” Rose felt as if all the air had been sucked out of her. Did he just say ‘romantic’?

The Doctor stood up and reached for her hand. Still astonished, Rose took his hand and they walked through the grass, taking in the landscape, until he stopped and took off his coat. He spread it out over the ground and lied down on it, gesturing for Rose to join him. He stared right into her eyes for a few seconds before he turned his attention to the sky.

“You see that shiny star over there? Well, if you follow it for, hmmmm, let’s say 5 years and then turn to the right, you’ll reach planet earth.” The Doctor explained, waving his hands through the air. He looked at Rose who was giggling and clearly enjoying his explanation. She caught him watching her and she stopped laughing. His eyes were so soft. She felt how he took her hand and stroked it with his thumb. Rose couldn’t say a word, overcome by the warm feeling and she only blushed. Rose turned her attention back to the sky as a bright glow lit up the sky.

“A shooting star!” Rose said and poked the Doctor in his ribs. “Quickly, make a wish!” Rose closed her eyes and made that one wish she knew never would come true. “It’s beautiful! Isn’t it?”

The Doctor didn’t see the shooting star and kept on looking at Rose, taking in the sparkle in her eyes and the flush on her cheeks. “Yes. Yes, very beautiful. The most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen.” He let go of her hand and brushed a lock of hair behind her ear. Rose, surprised of his touch, couldn’t move. He smiled and gently hooked a finger under her chin, turning her face to him. He suddenly took her face between his hands and moved closer, his lips almost touching hers. “Oh, I already made my wish, Rose.” And then he kissed her. His kiss was soft and sweet, yet urgent as he put all his love he felt for this amazing girl into this one, special moment. Rose began to register what was happening and wrapped her arms around him, pulling him even closer to her. She kissed him back, her lips moving against his. He let go of her lips and rested his forehead against hers, looking into her eyes.

“Oh Rose, you are my shooting star. You are the one who lights up my sky. You are the one who made my wish come true. I… I love you.”

Rose wasn’t aware of a tear rolling down her cheek until the Doctor swept it away with his thumb. She smiled. “Do you know what I wished for when I saw that star?” The Doctor shook his head. “This…” and she kissed him again. “I love you too, Doctor.”


YANA at a Belgian sci-fi convention!

Last Sunday, I went to F.A.C.T.S. (= fantasy, anime, comic, toys and sci-fi convention) in Ghent in Belgium, dressed as the TARDIS. I really wanted to represent Doctor Who because almost no one in Belgium knows Doctor Who, but... then I found Doctors and even a TARDIS!! Some people, let's say about 10, wanted to take a picture of me which was so weird! But I was sooooo happy, hehe!! I really WASN'T alone :D

It was an AMAZING and BRILLIANT day. I met some nice Whovians (even kept in touch) and bought  lots of Doctor Who things. Here are the pictures of me (= curly hair, TARDIS dress, Sonic, dark hat... can't miss eh?) and other Whovians!

PS: if you want to see other pics of Stormtroopers, R2D2s, my Doctor Who stuff, ... let me know! 

The Doctor, his TARDIS and Amy Pond!

The Doctor and his TARDIS!

Idris and the TARDIS... we are compatible!

The TARDIS, the 4th Doctor and Sarah Jane!

The TARDIS and... the TARDIS! Uh-oh, paradox!

The TARDIS and a HUGE Doctor!

My Sonic Screwdriver drawing (stage 1)

At art academy, I draw my 11th Doctor's Sonic Screwdriver (Eleven's has more details to draw, even though Ten's my favourite Sonic ). Keep in mind this is just the first stage! Next time at art academy, I'm going to change the left side of my hand (= a bit too small, lol) and then finally stage 2: PAINT!! COLOUR!! Will post another pic when it's ready!

I'm not very artistic when it comes to objects (I rather prefer to draw things that don't exist, except for in my mind), but since it's Doctor Who, I've put my heart and soul in it O:)

Title: How David Tennant and Doctor Who changed my life (1/2)
Word Count: 2125
Rating: Nothing to be scared of!
Summary: Basically, the title of the story says it all!
Author's Note: It took a while to write the first part, but I promise I'll write part 2 as fast as I can! This is my very first post on my very own LiveJournal, so I hope this is a bit all righty!

Dear David Tennant fans,

A while ago I decided it was time I started writing my feelings for David down and how this wonderful Scottish bloke influenced my life. Well, here it is!

I have to share my story with you all because I have no other choice. I have no one in my vicinity who’s a fan as well and no one here seems to understand me. I even scare some people… they call me the weirdo. I know you guys won’t. I know you won’t judge me because you’ll understand how I feel, see and think, right? So if you keep on reading my story till the end, I thank you with all my heart. You have no idea how much it means to me.

I’ll take you back in time, back to 2007. The year it all began…

One a normal day, somewhere in May I believe, I was watching telly. I was choosing a channel when I suddenly came across something very strange and alien-ish: yes, Doctor Who. ‘Love & Monsters’ to be precisely. I watched the episode with a WTH?-look on my face, but was fascinated at the same time. I was just about to change the channel when suddenly a good looking (I know, that’s an understatement) guy with great hair stepped out of a weird, blue box and was accompanied by a blond, attractive girl. My heart skipped a beat and I knew it: I had to keep on watching. I became more interested in Doctor Who, not only because of Mr. Tennant, but also because of the relationship between the Doctor and Rose.

I cried myself through Doomsday and longed for more, but that’s where it stopped. You have to know I live in Belgium and I like to refer to my country as a Tennantless place in the middle of boredom (I have my reasons). I expected they were going to broadcast series 3, but no way! So I Googled David Tennant and Doctor Who, desperate to find out more. I kind of lost my interest because I heard or saw nothing David Tennant or Doctor Who related on Belgian TV, so I went on with my silly, boring life.

In 2008, Doctor Who was back on Belgian TV. No, not series 3, but series 2… again. I didn’t mind though, because this time, I watched from the beginning, getting more and more interested in David. When series 2 ended, I thought they were finally going to broadcast series 3, but no, of course not! Silly Cheyenne, what was I thinking? It was Belgium, not the UK! Again, I sort of lost my interest as I became a fan of Twilight.

During Christmas, I came across The Voyage of the Damned and I couldn’t believe my eyes! A new, amazing episode of my Doctor… on the BBC! I watched with fascination and tears as Astrid sacrificed herself to safe the Doctor. At the end, I saw the previews of series 4 and I got all excited, but I was never able to watch it… don’t ask me why I never looked through the magazines to see when they broadcasted Doctor Who on BBC One because I don’t know why! Silly me!

Anyway, as I continue with my story, we’ve come to the year 2009. The year everything changed…

Believe it or not, but the Belgian TV broadcasted series 2 AGAIN (?!) and by that time, I can assure you, I knew each and every episode by hard! I was getting tired of it, not of David or Doctor Who of course, but of seeing the same stuff over and over again! It was stupid of me thinking that they would broadcast series 3 this time, because they never did, of course.

On a normal day, I stumbled across ‘The Silence in the Library’ on BBC One. Again, I watched with fascination as I saw how Donna got trapped in one of those talking stone face things. How much I hate myself now for not looking through the magazines to see when they broadcasted ‘Forest of the Dead’! Not long after these events, thanks to a Twilight website (yeah I know, what a coincidence!), I came across some pictures of the Doctor (later realising it was the duplicate Doctor) kissing Rose. You wouldn’t believe how happy I was!

My joy didn’t last long though: I found out David was about to leave Doctor Who and my world fell apart. I Googled the news to see if it was really true. Unfortunately… yes. I watched several YouTube vids in which fans said goodbye to their Doctor, using his announcement at the NTAs and beautiful memories of his time at Doctor Who. While I was watching, I couldn’t stop the tears from filling me eyes and rolling down my cheeks. I was heartbroken and from that moment, I knew it: I had to watch Doctor Who from the beginning, from the moment David said “Hello… new teeth, that’s weird! Now where was I? That’s right… Barcelona!” I was determined to see my Doctor in action, at any cost.
This was the moment my interest in David and Doctor Who turned into a (healthy) obsession.

Thanks to some research, I came across Play.com (still order a lot of DW stuff on here). It’s a website that sells the black Doctor Who box, consisting of series 1 till series 4. After 2 years of waiting, waiting and waiting, I finally got the box. I still remember the moment I got it in my letter box: I jumped up and down and kissed it, you can’t imagine how happy I was (my Mum thought I was mad)!

In one weekend, I watched series 1. I love Christopher Eccleston as the 9th Doctor, but I was so desperate to see David, my Doctor. I skipped series 2 because I had seen it more than a hundred times and immediately started with series 3… FINALLY! Now, there’s something I have to tell you all. During the period I watched series 3, I got bullied at school. It was like going to hell every day. This was the period David and his Doctor became my world. I needed something to escape from reality, something I could love and cherish and I had finally found it… and him. I discovered the messages and meanings behind the episodes because I started living with a different point of view. There were moments I wanted to give up, but Ten told me not to and to keep on fighting. I hope you guys know what I mean?

After series 3, it was time for series 4. I think this was during November. The bullying continued, but I had Ten by my side, giving me little hints and courage with the episodes. Time began to shorten as ‘The End of Time’ came closer and closer, but I tried not to think about that. I finished watching series 4, just in time to see ‘The Waters of Mars’ (hadn’t seen ‘The Next Doctor’ or ‘Planet of the Death’ yet). To be honest… I was scared. Not of the monsters, but because of Ten. I was scared something would happen to him and indeed, something did happen at the end: he became the Time Lord Victorious, one of the creepiest moments. As he saw Ood Sigma and fell to his knees, I cried and sobbed like a baby, knowing that his death was near. I braced myself and watched ‘The Next Doctor’, which made me laugh, and ‘Planet of the Death’, which made me cry at the end as well. During this period, I discovered Doctor Who Magazine and Doctor Who Adventures… thank goodness I was able to get David’s last issue!

Getting closer and closer to his death, it was time for ‘The End of Time’ part 1. I watched with fear and tears in my eyes as the Master returned, the Doctor cried in the café and the Time Lords came back (now thàt was a WOW-moment). There wasn’t much time between the 25th of December and the 1st of January, so I couldn’t sleep well and I tried to prepare myself… mentally.
As everyone cheered, celebrated New Year and welcomed 2010, I prefered to keep quiet and I tried not to think about Ten’s last episode.

On the 1st of January, I couldn’t sit still. I kept watching at the clock and I prepared my room as well: a teddybear to hug, tissues, tissues and tissues. I told my Mum not to worry about me when she could hear me scream or cry and I probably couldn’t eat afterwards. What I’m now about to tell you guys, still hurts and the memory is printed on my mind, an image I’ll never forget: my heart was beating fast when Ten held that gun in his hands. I sat on the end of my sofa, almost falling out of it. You all know what happened next eh? The Master and the Time Lords disappeared and Ten laid on the ground, laughing with relief because he was still alive. Then, it happened: the four knocks. I could feel the tears already filling my eyes, whispering ‘no’ as I discovered it was Wilf. I grabbed the handrail of my sofa, started crying and reached out for Ten as he screamed “I could do so much more! So much more! But this is what I get, my reward. And it's not fair!”. From the moment he opened the chamber full of radiation and stepped inside, I thought it was over. I jumped out of my sofa and screamed he couldn’t go… I begged. My sobs stopped for a bit when he suddenly stood up again, stepping out of the chamber. For a moment I thought he wasn’t going to regenerate, that it was just my imagination. I was wrong, of course. As he rubbed his face, said it had started and Wilf hugged him, I knew there was no turning back… this was it. Tears rolled down my face when he said goobye to his friends without saying a word. From the moment he had visited Rose for the last time and collapsed in the snow, I jumped out of my sofa, squeezing my teddybear because I needed something to hold on to. More and more tears started to stream down my face as Ood Sigma said “We will sing to you, Doctor. The universe will sing you to your sleep. This song is ending, but the story never ends.” and I heard ‘Vale Decem’ on the background, such a heartbreaking song. When he entered the TARDIS, threw his beautiful coat on one of the corals and started walking round the centre of his ship, I began to feel sick. I knew his regeneration was about to happen and I couldn’t take it any longer. As he began to glow, I fell to my knees and grabbed the side of my bed, begging for him not to go. My heart was beating way too fast and my eyes hurt because of all the crying, but I didn’t care. This was the last moment I would ever spend with my Doctor. I screamed, stomped with my feet and reached out for him as he said the words I’ll never forget: “I don’t wanna go”. His face began to glow and I cried like I had never cried before. It was like seeing to one person I love dying in front of my eyes. While he regenerated, I felt all the energy leaving me. I kept on screaming and begging because it hurt so much. I couldn’t control my breathing and I almost hyperventilated by the time Eleven had taken over. I didn’t watch how he inspected his new body because I was in shock. It was over. He was gone. I found just enough energy to get back on my feet and to sit on my bed. Some friends sent me a message (they had watched as well), but I told them I wanted to be left alone. I felt like a part of me had died with Ten. I had lost the person I loved and I kept on crying for at least 15 minutes. By the time I had calmed down a bit, I went back downstairs where my Mum hugged me. I must have looked terrible with my red eyes and black mascara on my cheeks. I tried to eat something, but I couldn’t. Afterwards, a period of almost a month of mourning followed before I started recovering again.

To be continued...